Introducing 4 New AI Sermon Tools

Introducing 4 New AI Sermon Tools

In the constant demands of ministry, harnessing the power of technology to simplify your workflow can be a game changer. With the dawn of artificial intelligence (AI), churches now have access to innovative tools that streamline sermon preparation, enhance understanding of Biblical languages, and enrich worship experiences.

That’s why Missional Marketing has developed AI tools specifically for ministry leaders, accessible through your free account on Our AI tools are tailored specifically for pastors and church teams, empowering them to craft compelling messages and foster deeper connections with their congregations. Below are four of our most groundbreaking new AI tools that your church needs:

AI Metaphor Creator

For many pastors and teachers, the right illustration can make all the difference to drive your point home. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to find the perfect metaphor that will paint the picture for your listeners. That’s why we created the Metaphor Creator. Simply type the concept you need an illustration for and our AI tool will generate options. It looks a little like this:

The Prompt: “Help me with a metaphor for a sermon. I’m trying to describe: how God’s love is freely available but we struggle to accept it.”

The Results:

  • God’s love is a never-ending fountain, flowing freely for all to drink from
  • We are like thirsty travelers in a desert, refusing to quench our thirst from the oasis of God’s love
  • God’s love is like a banquet table, set with a feast for all to partake in, yet we remain hungry and unsatisfied
  • We are like children playing in the rain, unaware of the shower of God’s love pouring down upon us
  • God’s love is a warm embrace, waiting to envelop us, but we turn away, shivering in the cold of our own making

AI Sermon Tools

AI Hebrew Word Finder

The Hebrew language is extremely visual and abstract, which can make it difficult to understand. Rather than spending hours finding resources that give you bits and pieces of the answers you’re looking for, you can use our new Hebrew Word Finder which generates a comprehensive summary of each word’s definition and uses. This tool can save you hours of research while providing a summation that’s quick and easy to read. This will help you simplify the research stage of your sermon prep, so you can quickly jump into actually crafting the message. Our research tools like the Hebrew Word Finder tool will help you avoid getting stuck in the initial stages of lesson planning, so you can more effectively arrive on Sunday morning with a strong message that will serve your congregation well.

AI Sermon Tools

AI Greek Word Finder

Bible language tools have not always been very user-friendly, but we aimed to change that with our Greek Word Finder. You can simply type a phrase like, “Find the Greek word for ‘grace’” and our AI tool will generate a complete answer in seconds. This tool quickly minimizes the number of steps required to look up language definitions and ensures your language tools align with the Biblical use of the words. Because this language tool is specifically designed to help pastors and church leaders, you can be sure that you’ll receive Biblically accurate information to enhance your Bible lessons and deepen your understanding of God’s Word!

AI Song Finder

When researching sermon illustrations or content congregants can relate to, sometimes a relevant song can help. When you’re preaching out love, why not share examples of popular love songs?  Our Song Finder feature can help you find what you need. Simply type a topic or keyword into the AI Song Finder assistant, and it will generate a list of songs that fit your criteria. The list will include the song title, artist, and information about its content and history.

AI Sermon Tools

As you input your search criteria, you can specify whether you’d like classic and traditional older songs or newer songs written within the last seven years. This feature and the other tools mentioned above all include the capability to copy the results to your clipboard or download them for easy access and storage.

Sermon Prep Time is Precious

Time is precious. Since ministry life has many demands on your time and schedule, leveraging AI tools can be a huge time-saver for pastors and church leaders. SermonSpark is working every day to add more tools that will help pastors create deep and meaningful sermons in less time. If you haven’t signed up for SermonSpark yet, make sure to sign up today. You can also find more AI resources for churches on AI for Churches and the AI for Churches Facebook group.

Once you try out our new tools, make sure to leave us some feedback to let us know how you like the new tools. We listen to every input and email as it impacts where we’ll go next with SermonSpark.

AI Sermon Tools

Let’s build something beautiful together that will impact the kingdom of God!

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